For many businesses with an online presence, Google Adwords is now the principle advertising method of choice. The fact that businesses only pay any fees to Google when a potential customer actually clicks on their advertisement is a huge advantage over more traditional methods of print advertising where advertisers often have to pay large sums of money for an advertisement to appear in a publication to be seen by hundreds of people who have no interest in their particular product just in order to reach one or two who may be. There are however some things that any potential advertiser should consider in order to have a successful and profitable experience with Google Adwords.

It is very important in the first instance to have a high quality advertisement that catches a reader’s attention and including a “call-to-action” is one highly effective way of doing this. A call-to-action is something that the potential customer is invited to do in response to your advertisement. Examples of a call-to-action include phrases such as “Call us now”, “Contact us today”, “Order now” or “Get a free quote now”. Rather than just being presented with information about your business, the reader is invited to do something that involves getting in touch with you as a result of which you get to talk them and can persuade them to do business with you. The “call-to-action” also tells the reader just what your website can do before they click to view it and they are able to judge whether it is appropriate for their particularly needs. This ensures you do not waste money paying for clicks made by searchers who were looking for something slightly different to what you are able to offer.

Think carefully about everything that goes in to your advertisement. With such a limited number of words available it is crucial to make every word count. Think of ways to make your business stand out over that of your competitors by referring to what is unique about you, your product or your business and try to avoid just stating plainly what you are or what it is that you offer. Fill the advertisement with as much contact information as is possible. This can be done by use of ad extensions which allow you to include site links and a “Call” icon and button which a smartphone user can press to call you immediately. Many advertisers fail to take advantage of such extensions.

It is important to think about what a potential customer is going to see once they do click on your advertisement. If you have a multiple page website then consider in advance which page of your website it makes the most sense for them to land on. If you want the customer to telephone you in order to talk through what your company can offer them then it makes sense that your contact page is the page they will land on after clicking on your advertisement rather than a page with a lengthy description of your business history or pictures of your staff and premises

Do not underestimate either the degree to which searches for products and services are now conducted online via smartphones. Mobile search volumes are now regularly outstripping desktop volumes for the first time and this is a trend that is only likely to accelerate. Therefore, it is crucial that your website is mobile friendly so that anybody arriving at it from a mobile search and advertisement is presented with something that looks smart and is easy to navigate and read.

Hints & Tips for Google Adwords Success